There’s a surge in demand for Swimwear and fitness wear.

Four reasons that explain why sales for swim and activewear are up, way up!

Despite uncertainties surrounding Covid 19, one thing is clear, it hasn’t impacted global demand for swimwear, gym clothes and general fitness wear. We have a few thoughts why this may be the case.

  1. People seem eager to go back to the gym and burn some of the excess calories they may have accumulated during the lockdown. According to companies like Unilever, sales of ice-cream consumed at home increased by as much as 30% compared to previous years. The higher consumption of “feel good” snacks in general coupled with heightened stress may have led to accumulating some extra pounds. Proof of this is the increase in demand for online training platforms and personal fitness coaches. Exercise equipment companies such a “Peleton,” which stream live workouts on demand, are having difficulties supplying stationary bicycles.

Without a doubt, there’s a growing opportunity to buy and resell sportswear and swimwear. We don’t see this demand abating anytime soon.

Thales Panagides. MBA. Founder of



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